Bentolicious #221
Today's bento was inspired by a family photo where my hubby was holding Little A when he was a baby. So I made the big panda as a papa panda and used panda food pick for the baby panda. I had a long talk last night with Big A about how to help friend in a proper way. I found out last night that she was doing a project for her best friend. I was so angry at her because she didn't even finish her own project first. Maybe I was over reacting last night. After I calmed down, before her bedtime, I explained everything why I was so angry. She is always nice to her friends but I don't want because of that then the friends use her for their own benefits especially for homework or school project. Their teacher already stated clearly that school project was individual project. She thought it was fine to help her best friend. I explained to her that she was helping her in a wrong way. After giving her some examples about helping friends in right & wrong ways, she understood. Inside the box : rice, cherry tomato, salted duck egg, fried tofu, fried tempeh, beef & potatp stew, and stir fry water spinach sprinkled with fried garlic.
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aw.. Lia what a sweet Panda holding a Panda toy..
I would have react the same way if I found out my kids helping friend to do homework too.. I dont mind they do it together and discuss.. but not asking others to do homework on behalf. I think you are right to educate the kids when they are young.

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Bobo! For me, that is pretty basic things that she has to understand. Better to let her know now before is too late :)

I miss all your cute bentos ...panda chan is kawaii!

oh gosh!!!! the Panda sooo cute!!!!! nx round u come SG teach me how to do the egg sheet cutting can :P

Hi Lia, such a long time i didn't pop up here, busy with my house stuffs..^^
What a warm bento you have here.. so lovely..^^

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy!

@Cuisine Paradise : Thanks a lot Ellena! Egg sheet cutting? Sure can :)

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! Did I miss something? Are you moving to the new house?

@vintagemom : Thanks a lot! I will hop to your blog right away :)