Bentolicious #222
Yeay! Friday is here. Hope we can have a good rest on the weekend. Re-charge 'our battery' to get ready for the new week. Today's bento is special because the kids went with me to the supermarket yesterday after school and picked veggies and meat for me to cook for their bento. It was fun! They were happy and asked me if they could do it again next time. I made a kitty, he's playing with the ball of yarn. I tried to make the ball of yarn from cooked somen but it kept falling off. So I gave up and used deco furi to make tiny rice ball. My kids are not salad eaters. They prefer their veggies cooked. You can see that most of their veggies are stir fry so they can eat it in room temperature. I love stir fry because it is quick to prepare for bento. Inside the box : rice, kitty (made from orange egg sheet, nori, somen, jelly ball, deco furi rice), fried chicken middle wings with slices of fresh lemon, stir fry veggies (carrot, baby corn, red & green big chilli), Thai sweet chilli sauce was put in other small container (not shown in the picture).


This is so cute! My kids wun eat raw veg either. :(

The kitty looks so cute and looks real too :DD

Beautiful! Your food looks so yummy, I wish I could try it. Also wish I could get those jelly balls. Haven't seen them here in the USA.

Such a sweet, ultra cute kitten! It is so cool that your kids picked out what they wanted in their bento. Have a restful weekend and charge up for more bento making!

The little kitty is super cute...! I love how you combine rice and eggsheet to make the cat, very creative :)!!

wow, so cute kitty playing with yarn ball...:)

So cute! You know - I kind of forgot that I could use furikake'd rice for most of my characters. Aside from onigiri based ones of course. ^^ I love all of it!

@Bentomonsters : Thanks a lot! I think because I always cook the veggies. I'm not a big fan of salad :)

@Ann : Thanks a lot Ann! He wants to play with you hehehe ... :D

@Wendy : Thanks a lot Wendy! Jelly ball surely comes very handy to decorate my bento. It's local brand though and I don't think they export it to other countries yet :)

@Natakiya : Thanks a lot Natakiya! Sometimes I run out the idea to cook for kids' bento. Easier way is to ask them hehehe ... :D Hope you enjoy your weekend too!

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Sin! I just want to make some dimensions using egg sheet and deco furi rice. Happy with the result :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a bunch Yen!

@AikoVenus : Thanks a lot Shin! Using deco furi to color rice is so fun :)

Delightful kitty, I love this so much, Lia! Delicate and soooo cute ^^!

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Glad that you like the meaow :)

It looks so simple but when I read about what it was made from, so much details! Love this little tiger..

@ChantaleP : This kitty / little tiger is really easy to make, believe me. Thanks a lot Chantale!

cute tiger^^

@melonpan : Thanks a lot!