Bentolicious #223
My plan was to dig some bento ideas for the Halloween theme. But I think, the weekend was too relaxing that I got carry away and forgot about the plan. I join the others bento moms and bento makers to put on the Halloween theme for my kids' bento. And I hope you can join the fun too to create your own Halloween bento. Kids haven't said anything about bringing something or to do something for the Halloween with their friends. I hope they don't say that they want to make and decorate cookies again. As much as I want to do it and that lately, I become a bit pessimist. I need to motivate myself and have to keep telling myself that I have time to do something that I love for myself. Some of you probably have similar problems as mine. We just do and do everything around the house and for our family then we forgot to do something for ourselves. Anyway ... I wish all of you have a great week! Stay healthy all! Inside the box : rice, asparagus wrapped in thin slice of beef with teriyaki sauce, tamagoyaki, and vegetable stew (potato, carrot, green bean) with spices and coconut milk.


Aww! I love your sweet witch girl and her little pumpkin! Hope your kids get to enjoy Halloween candies and dressing up!

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Not sure about dressing up but definitely yes for candies hehehe ... :D

Hi lovely Witch! Cheer up Lia, and take a day off and do what you like to do!

Lia, love the sweet little gal n pumpkin. I've yet to start on a halloween theme bento, v inspired after seeing so many recently. :)

Wow! Halloween bento!~

@Bobo : Thanks a lot dear! I can be grumpy too sometimes and I really need my break very soon hehehe :D

@Bentomonsters : Thanks a lot! I know you will create something fun for Halloween :)

@prince n princess mum : Kids were excited to have their Halloween theme bento today :)

Aww aww .. sooo cute!! love your Halloween bento!!!

You're right! It's almost Halloween...:)! I've got to find some ideas to make Halloween-themed bento, this will be my first one :). Your little witch looks adorable and your tamagoyaki as always is flawless...!! I still need to learn how to make better tamagoyaki from you :).

I love it Lia! Your little witch looks so welcoming and friendly. Sorry you are feeling down in the dumps right now. Remember about the smiles you are are making with your lovely bento all around the world!

@Lina Gladman : Thanks a lot Lina!

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Sin! I'm sure you will have no problem with tamagoyaki and Halloween theme bento ... boo!!

@Sonoma Bento : Thanks a lot Michelle for your very comforting comment! I feel a lot better now :)

I love the witch girl and the pumpkin, they look so cute!
Take Care Lia :)

Huaaa.... Witches and Jack O Lanterns are attacking bento blogging hehehehe. Ya, do give yourself for that special "me time" - how about cooking Indonesian food for IFP? *hehehe... poke Lia Chen aaahhh ;p

I love the little witch, she is so cute and perfect! This is a lovely Halloween bento. A-chan and I are making Halloween cookies this friday when she is out of school - I am crossing my fingers that all goes well. Good luck to you and don't forget to pamper yourself :)

@Ann : Thanks a lot! I wish the witch can cast a spell so I can have your yummy cake :)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Oh gosh ... I forgot about the IFP, my bad. I will send you an email very soon :)

@Natakiya : Thanks a lot Natakiya! I'm excited to hear about the baking plan together with A-chan. I'm sure you two will have a lot of fun. Love cookies! Please take the fun pictures for me :)

That is adorable! I love how you made the witch!

@Heather : Thanks a lot Heather for your kind comment!

Aww, the witch is so sweet and I love the jackolantern too! :)