Bentolicious #224
It seems that bats are always used in Halloween decoration. As promised, I didn't want to make something that was too scary for kids' bento. I had been thinking to make a bat since last night. So here you are ... a confused, silly looking bat ready for Halloween with its party hat on. I hand cut all the egg sheet parts for the bat. I kept making the same mistake in cutting the wings part, so I had to re-do it 3 times until I got the perfect size and shape for this bat. Today's cooking for bento are all Indonesian foods. As you can see, I put small amount of sambal (chilli paste) in the bento. It wasn't too spicy so I hope Little A can start eating a mild spicy food very soon. I just have a little time for online this week. I will try my best to reply all of your comments and emails as well as checking on everyone's great posts. Inside the box : opor ayam (Javanese braised chicken in coconut milk), cherry tomato slices, sambal (chilli paste), tempeh, and cassava leaves cooked with coconut milk.


Lia,this silly little bat is too cute for me..haha... i think your kid love it too..^^

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! Hope I can make few more Halloween bento for this 'spooky' month :)

Too adorable. The party hat totally makes it. :)

@Shane : Thanks a lot Shane!

This is the most cute BaT I ever seen.

You never cease to amaze me Lia! That is the cutest bat ever, and definitely not too scary :) I love the pink, and his little teeth, too cool!

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather! This bat was definitely fun to make for kids. Glad that you like it too :)

the silly bat isn't so scary at all :) it is cute
have a nice weekend, Lia

Love this silly little adorable..hehehe...I am sure kids will definitely not scare of it and will love it so much! I want this silly bat too...hehe. ;)

I love its silly look hehe. Huwaah, the sambal still looks so hot *so red soalnya hehe. Good job little A, sambal is just awesome ;D

Cutest lil' party bat!!

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! I don't want scare you away since you just got back from your trip hehehe ... Happy weekend too my dear friend! (^.^)

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily! Will send him and fly to your home right away, so watch out! lol ... :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! The sambal was from 'cabe merah besar' and he finished the sambal and proudly said 'not spicy at all for me, I can handle it' LOL :D

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Let's the Halloween bento party begin (^.^)

Love this silly bat, n so much details!

what i cute bento for halloween, it is not dangerously! Cute and tasty^^

@Bentomonsters : Thanks a lot!

@melonpan : Thanks a lot!

Oh my gosh, that bat is too cute!!! What a great bento Lia!

Yes.... Way too cute! I'm sure it's the cutest bat I have ever seen! Every time I see your bento I want to say aww........

Absolutely adorable! That bunny couldn't be scary if it tried, it's way too cute!