Bentolicious #225
I was doing something else this morning after the kids left to school with my hubby and then I saw that it was already 09.30AM and I haven't cook anything for kids' bento. I needed to send their bento at 11AM, so I just had 1,5 hours to prepare everything. I almost sent the bento without making any character in it. But I still had another 15 minutes after my quick cooking, so I boiled an egg (for the eyes part), wrapped a tiny rice balls with nori, add jelly balls for the nose. Food picks were used for the final touch. It was easy to make and even easier to call it alien. We will have mom-daughter and dad-son day out tomorrow ... yeay!! Wish everyone a great weekend ahead! Have fun! Inside the box : rice, carrot tamagoyaki, chayote & edamame stir fry, cherry tomatoes, and chilli prawns.


you do this in 15 mins.. you efficient.. hehe..
wow, that's cool to have a mom-daughter and dad-son day out!
Have fun!

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! Not much details to make so it was really quick. Have a great weekend with your family :)

Just started reading your blog today, I am a mom-to-be but I nanny four young children and every time I make their lunches I am so sad to see that they are just getting pb&j and an apple, that just doesn't seem enough to me. Not for a 2nd and 3rd grader. I have always loved bento and wanted to get into it, sadly the guys at my hubby's work made fun of him for the lunches (even though he loved them) and its kinda hard to find supplies around here. But I read through your blog today and I would like to say you are amazing! These are all super cute!

@Jenny : Hi Jen! Thanks a lot for stopping by and read my blog! Don't worry about other people thoughts as long as you prepare a healthy balance bento. Especially if your hubby likes it. For the bento tools, you can get them from online stores like Bento & Co, J-List, J-Mama & Baby or some sellers on eBay. I got most of my bento tools online too. Have fun in bento making and have a great weekend!

Wuaaaa.... the cutest aliens! I always admire your typical clean and tidy look of side dishes arrangement ^^. The shape of the boxes is cool :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! My kids don't want me to put too much details on their food. So the only thing that I can do is to make a character on the top of the rice. Probably they will say no need for cute thing anymore very soon hehehe :D I bought that bento box from Bento & Co a while ago, pink for Big A and white one for Little A. The size just perfect for their lunch portion. Love it!

wow, you have quick hands and mind!
Enjoy your weekend

you always come out with great idea even out of time.. thumb up for you Lia. Happy weekend~~

Gosh!!! 15 minutes to get all these done!!! Salute!! You are sure a great bento mummy :)

Wow! Fast bento! And cute, too!

Very cute Aliens! :))

You're real quick! I think I've to spend an hour to make even a simple bento ;D

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! You too, enjoy your weekend :)

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! Happy weekend too :)

@Cuisine Paradise : Thanks a lot Ellena! I feel good sometimes if I don't have to take so much time to prepare kids' bento :)

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot dear! Have a nice weekend :)

@Bentomonsters : Thanks a lot!

@Ann : Thanks a lot Ann! I wish I can decorate my kids' bento in 15 minutes everyday. That would be great! hehehe :D

Ha! You just had an hour and a half and you were worried? That's crazy that you cook food morning for lunch. I feel bad just giving my daughter a sandwich everyday. lol. How long does it usually take you to prepare a bento?

It's amazing how you can always manage to do so many things in a short time ... your bento never fails to amaze me!!! cute alien BTW ^__^ happy weekend and have a great mama and daughter time Lia ^__^

So cute! I wish that was my lunch :D

How long does it usually take you to make bento?

@shane : Most of Indonesian, won't feel full until we get rice for our meal hehehe ... My bento preparation time is vary depends on the character and cooking I need to do. Usually about 30mins. to 2 hours (including cooking time). Thanks a lot Shane!

@Lina Gladman : Thanks a lot Lin! I try my best to keep organize in the kitchen. Sometimes it fails badly hehehe :D Happy weekend!

@Mika : Thanks a lot Mika! My bento making time is vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours including the cooking time :)

Things you can do with food picks...:)! And the chili prawns look super delicious!!

Looks pretty and tasty!

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Sin!

@Mischievous Mack : Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

Cutie Alien..want to hugs them..hihihi..

Oh I would really love to make these for my (future)children! Better start now to get prepared, eh? you are awesome Mba Lia :)

Wow, you made these in 15 minutes! Salute! :)

cute :)
i never make bento before..

So many CUTE Halloween bentos. I love the bat one! Don't forget to enter these in the Halloween meme at Bento Blog Network.

I like what you post.
i´d apreciate if you have time check out my blog. and share some comments!

Those little aliens are out-of-this-world CUTE! They look like penguin babies to me, teehee. Love!

Would love to try these for my boy's bento. Thanks for the inspiration!