Bentolicious #227
Simple and quick cooking for today's bento. I used my cutters to make the rabbit and X-Acto knife to shape the bottom part of the rabbit. The pink whiskers were made from pink dry somen and eyes from nori. I mixed the top part of the rice with egg furikake so I could get yellow rice quickly and to make contrast with the white rabbit. Otherwise, we can't see the rabbit with white background. I put some strawberries inside the food cup, green bean stir-fry with fried garlic, and steamed prawns with lemon and ginger. I actually wanted to cook sambal prawns but I don't think my little boy can handle the level of the spiciness. Probably next time, I will try to cook mild sambal prawns and let see whether he can finish them or not. We are having rainy day almost everyday now. it will be more intense usually during Dec-Feb. We only have 2 seasons here, so my favorite season is rainy season. Weird? I love rainy season because the weather is not too hot and sleeping at night with the sounds of rain is very soothing. Plus I don't need to turn on the air conditioner all night long until morning :)


aw.. so cute.. what is that u use as the Rabbit, is it egg white or kamakabo?
it looks like he rabbit is holding a big heart to me.. so sweet..

Pretty rabbit...:) and always admire your hand-skill in using X-acto knife.
hehehe..I am just your opposite. I prefer hot season since I can't stand cold weather even a little bit. I try to avoid as much as possible to have biz trip during their cold weather, LOL

@Bobo : Thanks Florence! You were right ... the rabbit is holding a pink heart (food pick). I used egg white, no kamaboko in the fridge hehehe :D

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks Yen! I became a best friend with my X-Acto knife after the last accident ... flying knife if you remember LOL :D Our cold weather is very different from 4 seasons countries. I can't stand traveling during winter too. But spring and autumn still ok for me :)

So nice to see your cute bunny bento! Good luck with the spice and your kids - I'm trying the same with my kids :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks Sheri! I hope Little A will ready for more spicy foods next year. Too soon? Finger crossed for both of us ;)

Hi, Lia. I really miss your bento. How are you and your kids? Pretty little cute bunny. I always love your food arrangement, it always neat and nice to look at. :)

@mama elaine : Hi Yul! Thanks a lot! Me and the kids are doing pretty good. Hope this week will slow down a bit for us. Hope you are enjoying your week! Big hug for Elaine :)

I love the rabbit, it is so simple yet so cute and pretty! I still haven't tried to make anything with x-acto knife yet. I bought one in Daiso Singapore, but I am not sure if it's actually the knife that bento makers usually use. Well, we'll see :).

Have to agree with Mama Elaine, your food arrangement is always so neat, great job :)!

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Sin! Hope you can have fun with your X-Acto knife later. I want to learn more to arrange the food inside the bento box because I think my bento style for Big A will change next year from kyaraben to something more 'adult' bento hehehe :D

Glad to see your bento-making again! the rabbit looks so lovely

Hi Lia, How're you? Your bento making is always very cute and I love the little rabbit. So pretty!

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot Fang! The rabbit is very easy to make, you can try it too :)

@Ann : Hi Ann! I'm doing good (I hope). Thanks a lot for checking my bento! You always so supportive to me all this time :)

glad you're back! cute idea to use dry somen for the whiskers.

@noobcook : Thank you Wiffy! I've got the last batch of pink somen in the kitchen. Will have to find some more when travel to Singapore next time :)

Hi being waiting for a couple of weeks for ur sharing o..great that today you shared a few more with us..lovely bento w wooden spoon.o ya all ur mat r lovely may i know r they rubber mat ?where can get these lovely table mat?

@Elizabeth Wong : Thanks a lot Elizabeth! I was just busy with so many stuffs so didn't have time to blog. But hey ... I'm back this week! BTW, the backgrounds for my bento picture are papers not a rubber mat hehehe :D