Bentolicious #228
I was trying to picture what are the characters that always show up during Christmas time. Of course, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is one of the famous Christmas icons. So today's bento is once again inspired by my Christmas spirit. Many malls, shops, and cafes are decorated with Christmas theme already. Unfortunately, I never see big window showcase for Christmas at the big malls here. Something that I always love when I traveled to overseas during Christmas time. Inside the box : rice, cherry tomatoes, stir fry veggies (carrots, bean sprouts, leak) with wood ear mushroom, fried boneless chicken thigh with homemade yellow Indonesian spices.
Kids are excited for Christmas holiday but first they will have to do their 1st semester final exam first next week. 2 weeks after the final exam then they will have school break until January. We don't have so many school breaks here. Only on December/January and June/July. So kids are looking forward for the break soon. Just to remind you, if you love bento making please don't forget to join Bento Contest held by Cooking Gallery. You can read the details here. I know some of you probably busy cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving. I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it!


I love Rudolph! We like to watch the show every year. Yours are so sweet and cute !

@sheri fujihara chen : Only remember Rudolph and forgot about the others reindeer's name hahaha ... I'm not sure that my kids can recall all the name of Santa Claus' reindeer too. Thanks a lot Sheri!

hehehe...Rudolph is the famous one
and yours are so handsome :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks Yen! Poor other reindeer hehehe ... :D

aww.. always love your bento, this is so festive and love the colour of the veggies.. just like Christmas tree and wreath!
I have yet to make a christmas bento as the kids are on holiday now..thus taking a bento break..:P

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! I have to start making now before my kids have a school break next month. Looking forward for yours (^.^)

Lia, this Rudolph theme bento are so gorgeos!hope that one day i can make a nice egg sheet character like u did...

@Elizabeth Wong : Thank Elizabeth! Yes, try it. And I hope you like it later :)

oh, i wish i can make bento like that :O

@Ikesusest : Ike, I'm sure you can too :)

Just one word to describe anything made by you: cute!

Ah too cute! Love your holiday themed bentos Lia! There's so much detail in them..

This Xmas-themed bento is SUPER adorable!! I love everything in it :). It's funny how I still don't feel that Christmas is coming even though everywhere I go I see Xmas decorations now. Probably in December when I visit the Christmas markets... I love German Christmas markets, they're so cool :).

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot dear!

@ChantaleP : Kids were happy with Christmas theme, so probably I will make some more later. Thanks a lot Chantale!

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Sin! I know, Christmas decorations here are not festive enough compare to other countries. But we are really looking forward to it. Hope you will have fun later at Christmas market. That is cool! (^.^)

wow rudolph the red nose rendier, wow wow wow you have golden hands

@melonpan : Thanks a lot for your sweet comment!

They are so wonderful! I am so jealous of your beautiful egg sheet skills :-D I hope that your little ones didn't stress out too much over the exams.

@Natakiya : Thanks a lot Natakiya!

hai, i like your bento a lot.. may i know where you bought the jelly ball for the reindeer nose?
thank you, celine.

@Celine : I bought the jelly ball from local supermarket here. If you are in Jakarta then you should able to get it. They sell it in pack :)