Bentolicious #229
This week is final exam week for 1st semester. School will dismiss at 11.30AM during the final exam week so no bento for lunch as the kids will eat at home after school. This small portion bento was however prepared for Little A because he will finish the exam at 11.00AM, so there is half an hour wait for his sister. I got this 2-tiers round box from Sanrio. They are pretty small and just perfect for my kid's small portion bento. I'm still on Christmas theme bento. Hope I can do some more before the school break comes. I have been thinking to make an angel since last night so I can use the wing picks again. I haven't use my wing shapes food picks for a long time. I might just have a little time to get online this week, pretty occupied with the final exam things. Pray that the kids will do well in their final exam and looking forward for the school break & Christmas holiday very soon :) Inside the boxes : rice sprinkled with furikake (decorated with Christmas angel from egg sheet, nori, wing shapes food picks), braised thin sliced pork belly & egg, and stir fry bean sprouts.


best of luck for their exams...:)
the angel looks pretty
I should start thinking Christmas theme bento soon...

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! I don't want to miss out the fun of creating Christmas theme bento :D

Lia, The angel looks very pretty! Can already feel the Christmas mood is in the air now :)

@Ann : Thanks Ann! I hope you post your yummy baking series for Christmas soon. Will hop to your blog now :)

Hmm, did my comment just disappear ?? Anyway....

The angel is so sweet...!! Jealous that you have so many bento gadgets/boxes, etc ;)!

Good luck to your kids' exams, I am sure that they're going to do well with such a supportive as you :)! I am glad that I don't have to do those tests/exams anymore, so nerve-wrecking...;)!!

Looking forward to seeing more of your X-Mas themed bentos :D)!

This bento is just so lovely, and your style of parenting is very inspiring! Well done super mommy!

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Sin! Hope nothing is wrong with my comment box. I didn't see your comment earlier though on my dashboard. I have been cut down my bento stuffs shopping a lot this year. Not so 'crazy' shopping like before. I try to pick something that really useful for my bento making. Otherwise the bento stuffs will be everywhere in the house LOL :D I'm glad that Big A can study and do the review by herself, but Little A still need my help for some subjects. Is like going to school all over again except these days lessons are harder than my time.

@berrygirl : Thanks a lot Mommy Kiki! We want the best for our kids. And we take it seriously when it becomes to education. Hope my kids don't get stress out hehehe ... :D

Super cute angel Lia, and the perfect fit for the pretty wings! No need for luck; the kids will do perfectly :D

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri for always have so much confident for my kids hehehe :D

cute n sweet angel!~

@prince n princess mum : Thank you dear!

Super adorable! The dishes in the back look delicious! No worries Lia, the angel assures the kids of a great result! ;)

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi! I love what did you say ... guardian angel for the kids ;)

This is my first time visiting bento blog. Glad I found yours first :D I love every detail you do to make a cute & delicious-looking bento. and how you take pictures of them is just perfect. Inspiring~

@Rose : Thanks a lot Rose for visiting my blog! Hope we can share our bento making :)

So uplifting and lovely, Lia! Best wishes for your beautiful children at exam time!

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn!

Nice to see this lovely bento first thing I'm back to bento blogs! I wonder if I'll miss making Christmas theme bento as my boy is already back to hometown enjoying his long holiday!

i wish you and your family a happy new year^^

i hope i can see further amaizing recipes :-) i love your side