Bentolicious #233
Love Bears
Time indeed flies away. Today is already the last day in January. I have recovered from iron deficiency illness. After taking the medicines for a few weeks, I feel a lot better now. Kids have been having lunch from school catering due to my absence in bento making. Today, I'm back and hopefully can keep posting to this blog. February is the month of love not because of the Valentine's Day but because me and Mr. Bentolicious will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Hubby will take 1/2 day off tomorrow from work and we will have a date later. Yeay!!
Not much update from the kids' side. They got into their routines for school days activities. But next week, Big A will have retreat camp with her classmates. This will be her first experience to sleep outside from home without us. I'm sure she will have a lot of fun later as she kept asking me what she should bring for the camp. I asked her to make her own checklist and hopefully she didn't bring everything.
Inside the box : rice, Chinese okra stir fry, cherry tomatoes, tamagoyaki, and pan fried chicken with garlic & herbs.
Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Lunar Year to all of you who celebrate it!
May the year of dragon brings to you and your family
a good health, prosperity, and the happiness.

Due to my health condition at the moment, I won't be able to blog everyday but don't worry nothing serious. I will still put some posts each week in this blog. So please kindly check it if you have time. And I do love to read your comments as always.
Happy bento-ing friends!!
Bentolicious #232
I was happy this morning when I saw the sun finally shined. But just when I finished making bento and wanted to take the picture, the sky went dark. Probably the baby that I made for today's bento got surprised too LOL :D I tried my best to take the picture, a bit dark though. I don't think I need to explain the ingredients that I used to make the surprised baby and his doll. Can you guess all of them?
Kids will be going home at 3PM today, so here am I, sitting at the Starbucks, typing the post, and probably after this trying to find an idea for tomorrow's bento. I'm thinking about making a character from Sanrio right now. But sometimes the idea will just switch to another idea. Anyway, I wish I can have a cup of coffee with all my bento friends. Wouldn't that be great?
Inside the boxes : rice, stir fry veggies (carrots, green beans, baby corns), boiled quail eggs, cucumbers, and five spice chicken.
Bentolicious #231
This morning started with cloudy sky. Couldn't barely see the sunshine from the balcony. It has been raining since Monday and we will still expect rainy days for the whole week. I'm bringing my umbrella today just in case. I need to go to some places that doesn't have basement parking. A day like this, basement parking is a life saver.
Kids are back into their normal routines right now. They even already started new project and did their homework yesterday. All the students in Grade 6 are free from extra curricular activities this semester so they can concentrate for their final exam on May. I know ... this is just the first week of the new semester and I already talk about the final exam? Okay, I wouldn't talk about it far but Big A has been preparing for the final exam even from the last semester. Depressing enough? Let's move to the other topic then hehehe ... We got a good news that the new school that we applied for the kids has accepted them. Both of the kids will move to this new school in July when the new school term normally starts here. Hope they can adapt well later.

Inside the box : rice, pink twins (made from rice that I mixed with decofuri, nori, egg sheets, jelly balls, food picks), fried prawns, tamagoyaki, cabbage & carrot stir fry, and cherry tomato. Mayonnaise was put separated in a small container.
Bentolicious #230
Hi everyone! Happy New Year!
It has been a while since the last post in My Bentolicious. Our has been blessed so much by God! The kids has finished their first semester last December and got excellent results for their report card. I'm very proud of them for their hard works and hope they will keep up the same efforts for the second semester too. We had a family vacation in Melbourne and Sydney in December. We spent the Christmas and the New Year there. We had a great time there! Big A almost couldn't get in because of visa matters. We never realized that she had to use Australian passport to get into the country because she was born there. Luckily, at the night when we were in the airport there was an officer from the Australian embassy. So after almost 1 hour my hubby tried to sort it out and Big A was permitted to travel this time with Indonesian passport. We met my sister and her twins. Couldn't believe that the twins are 2 years now. They are already running around and speaking. I still remembered when my last visit to Melbourne, the twins were still in the hospital because they were born premature. We also met some of our friends there. Kids were excited to see new friends. Big A and Little A even drew a happy family picture and gave it to me and my husband.

God has given so much His blessings last year to us. I'm really thankful for that. I hope this year, no matter what will happen in our life … I believe God will always be with us and give our a way when we face an obstacle in our life. I hope the same for all of you too. God bless you all in this new year!

New semester has started yesterday. I did make bento yesterday for the kids but didn't take any picture so I didn't blog about it. Today, I made the Dragonite bento. A character from Pokemon that my kids asked me to make last night. And I agreed because I think it's appropriate for the first post in the new year as the Chinese New Year is coming soon too on January, 23rd. This 2012 will be a dragon year.

Inside the bento box : rice, steamed coriander meat ball in garlic soy sauce, fresh cucumber slices, and quick stir fry (potatoes, tiny pork sausages, corns and big red chili).