Bentolicious #230
Hi everyone! Happy New Year!
It has been a while since the last post in My Bentolicious. Our has been blessed so much by God! The kids has finished their first semester last December and got excellent results for their report card. I'm very proud of them for their hard works and hope they will keep up the same efforts for the second semester too. We had a family vacation in Melbourne and Sydney in December. We spent the Christmas and the New Year there. We had a great time there! Big A almost couldn't get in because of visa matters. We never realized that she had to use Australian passport to get into the country because she was born there. Luckily, at the night when we were in the airport there was an officer from the Australian embassy. So after almost 1 hour my hubby tried to sort it out and Big A was permitted to travel this time with Indonesian passport. We met my sister and her twins. Couldn't believe that the twins are 2 years now. They are already running around and speaking. I still remembered when my last visit to Melbourne, the twins were still in the hospital because they were born premature. We also met some of our friends there. Kids were excited to see new friends. Big A and Little A even drew a happy family picture and gave it to me and my husband.

God has given so much His blessings last year to us. I'm really thankful for that. I hope this year, no matter what will happen in our life … I believe God will always be with us and give our a way when we face an obstacle in our life. I hope the same for all of you too. God bless you all in this new year!

New semester has started yesterday. I did make bento yesterday for the kids but didn't take any picture so I didn't blog about it. Today, I made the Dragonite bento. A character from Pokemon that my kids asked me to make last night. And I agreed because I think it's appropriate for the first post in the new year as the Chinese New Year is coming soon too on January, 23rd. This 2012 will be a dragon year.

Inside the bento box : rice, steamed coriander meat ball in garlic soy sauce, fresh cucumber slices, and quick stir fry (potatoes, tiny pork sausages, corns and big red chili).


What, the twins are 2 years old???!! I can't believe how fast the time flew! How precious that you were all able to spend time with them!! So happy to see you back here with bento again. I love your Dragonite character, so appropriate for the new year.

@sheri fujihara chen : Hi Sheri! Yup, 2 years old and they are so adorable! We only have 2 days to spend with them because we have to go to Sydney. Next time when we see them, they will be so big already. I'm so glad to be back in bento making too. Kids will be so happy when they open their bento box. Mission accomplished! (^.^)

Mbak Lia! You're back; miss youuuu... *peluk cipika cipiki hihihihi
Happy belated new year! Happy to know that your family had a wonderful holiday, and congrats to AA :D. 2yo? *heem... tp pasti masih lucu2 ^^. Btw, you must miss bentoing a lot, so let's get back on the right track ;D

@tatabonita : Hello Tata! Miss you too dear *big hugs* Happy New Year too yah! Meski agak telat, better late than never hehehe ... I have been so unproductive last year, busy with the kids so don't have so much free time to do blogging. This year will be no excuse, I hope :p

So glad to read your post again...*hugss* also miss you a lot :)
What a sophisticated is a perfect theme to start dragon year 2012 :b

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Hi Yen! Miss you too. You know what did Big A say? She said she is ruling this year because she is dragon too lol :D

Welcome back Lia! I'm so glad your family has been so blessed and I hope it lasts for years to come! Happy Year of the Dragon!

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather! I wish the same for you and family too :)

I love your bento! I can never keep track of the years for some reason. ^^; And many blessings to you and your family, Lia! happy to find a new post from you, Lia.. Btw, Happy New Year to you and your family.

Perfect dragon, love it! ^^

@AikoVenus : Thanks a lot Shin! Wish all the best for you and your family in 2012 :)

@mama elaine : Hello Yul! Happy new year too! God bless you and your family. Send a big hug for Elaine from me okay?

Welcome back, Lia and Happy New Year!! I'm so happy to see your post :D The dragon is very cute and so perfect. I love how you arranged the meatballs in the other tier.

Congrats to Big A and Little A for their good marks at school and good luck to them for the New Year!

I am very glad you could sort out the problem with big A passport and you all managed to fly to your wonderful vacations! The twins are 2 years old!?! Wasn't it yesterday you showed a baby picture of them? WAAH, time flies!
So cool Dragonite bento! And looks so yummy too... Happy New Obento Year Lia dear!!! All the delicious things for your sweet family in 2012 ;)

Sweet and gorgeous dragon bento--may it be a wonderful and very happy (HAPPY!) new year for you and your beautiful family my dear!

@Natakiya : Hi Natakiya! Thanks a lot dear! Hope you had a great time with your friends and family during the Christmas & New Year. Wish all the best for all of you (^.^)

@karaimame : Hello Lilian! Finally back to blogging and bento making. Have to motivate myself or otherwise I will be in holiday mood forever lol ... All the best for you and your family, God bless! Send my big big hugs to your 2 little girls :)

@Bentobird : Hi Jenn! Thanks! Have a wonderful new year too. Keep making your beautiful bento, so we can enjoy it (^.^)

happy new year Lia! me too have been taking a too long bento break..keke..
i have dragged myself to make my first bento in 2012! yay!
I made Pokemon too.. :)

@Bobo : Back to bento after a long break is so hard. Hope we can keep the bento post up. Yeay! I saw your cute Pokemon bento (^.^)

I can imagine how frustrating it must have been when they told you that Big A couldn't enter Oz due to her passport...! I am glad that it was solved without anyone having to go back to Indo again ;), that would be a nightmare!

Chinese New Year is indeed coming soon, I am a bit unhappy that it falls on a Monday though, no chance to celebrate it...:(

@Cooking Gallery : Hi Sin! We were so lucky back then because not everyday the officer from Australian Embassy is present at the airport. Oh no! You still have to work on Monday. Probably you can celebrate it after work? We will have it as a public holiday so yeay! hehehe (^.^)

Hi, may i know what are the dragon made of? Cheese? Thanks.

@Rabbitcancook : The dragon was made from egg sheets. But you can also use cheese. I have the pictorial on how to make the egg sheet, please check it under Tips section. Happy bento-ing! :)