Bentolicious #236
Heart Couples

Little A was feeling really sad and lonely on Monday because his sister was in a school camp. Being the youngest one in the family makes him so attached to Big A. They are very close to each other although sometimes they are also like other kids ... They still fight (not physically though) and often argue about something and nothing. Hubby is still in his business trip to Argentina, so only me and Little A at home on Monday. He had an exception to sleep in my bedroom. Big A returned from the school camp yesterday evening. I know Little A couldn't wait to see his sister because he kept asking when she would come back.

Big A, on the contrary, was pretty excited about her school camp. She already made a check list for things that she should bring from many days ahead. I kept telling her so many things for her to remember that I wasn't sure she would remember all. Just me, as usual, being worried about her sleeping outside from home for the first time. The school camp was kind of ritual for Grade 6 students as they will have the Government exams in few more months. So this camp was about motivating and boosting their confidence. Hopefully, they all can give their best to do the exam. I hope Big A will really get the benefits and purposes of this camp.

The past 2 days, the lunch bento for Little A was about soup and fried rice. I didn't add cute characters inside the box so I didn't have any cute bento to post. Today, I only made 1 bento for Little A because Big A has 1 day holiday. She has to practiced a group music performance with her friends for tomorrow's music test. I dropped her this morning to her friend's house and she will finish before lunch time. I used heart shaped rice mold, small cutters to make heart couples. Need some inspirations for tomorrow's bento :)

Inside the box : rice, stir fry veggies, and braised soy chicken with baby potatoes.


Aw, so sweet that your kids are so close to each other and miss each other! Happy for you too, that your two kids are home with you now. Hope their daddy comes home and makes the family complete very soon!

@sheri fujihara chen : Hubby will be back tomorrow but long flight for him. It will take 26 hours. So he will be home on Friday. Thanks Sheri! Hope you all are doing great and TS is adjusting well with her cast (^.^)

That's so heart warming to know your kids are so close to each other..:)
I bet Big A will miss her little brother too..
I know you will have inspiration for you bento very soon.. as usual..:)

@Bobo : Hope the kids can keep their closeness until they are big and old. Thanks Florence!

Your kids are so sweet :) and also the bento, Lia.. so adorable. Yeah, Argentina is quite far away from here. Hm...whenever I need an inspiration I will check to your blog :)

so cute!~

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! You are such a sweet buddy :)

@prince n princess mum : Thank you dear!

Wah, seneng ya kalo anak2 kita pada rukun, semoga neng Elaine nanti bisa ngemong nih. hihihi.. Nice bento as always, Lia. The chicken looks yummy. ^^

@mama elaine : Thanks Yul! Semoga rukunnya sampai gede dan terus ... Anak paling gede biasanya care ke adiknya :)

What a sweet story and bento. I hope they stay close forever. Big A's camp sounds fun, it makes me want to go! :)

Lil A is so sweet missing his big sister! It is nice that family is going to get together again soon ^_^!
Hope Big A succeeds well on her tasks! It seems she is very busy this year with school... she will sure manage with all the love and support from you all.
Lovely bento today, cute characters for your lil boy!

@OhayoBento : I hope the same too. I'm not really into the camp things but funny because I met my husband in church camp hahaha ... Thanks Heather!

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! Last year in elementary school, sure she has a lot of works to do. Pressure ... pressure, oh boy!

Awww... hope Lil A is feeling better without his sister.

Even my kecik one also miss her brother when he goes to school. She will ask for him when she wakes up from her nap.

Yummy and cute bento as always Lia!

i really love this blog already, just wanna say awesome, :D

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! Totally can relate what happened between your kids. BTW, congrats for your moving to Melbourne. My sister is also living there. Hope you and your family are settling down just fine (^.^)

@MakanMasak : Thanks a lot Henry for visiting my blog!

Awesomely cute onigiri! I hope that Big A had a fantastic time at camp. It's so sweet that Little A missed her so much :)

@Natakiya : Thanks Natakiya!