Bentolicious #238
Pink Plants Bento
I found this UFO shape cutter from my tiny cutters collection last night. I didn't have any idea to use this cutter last night until this morning when I finished cooking. Suddenly I remembered the leaf picks that I have and the idea to make this pink plants just came like that in my head. I dyed hard boiled egg and cut it with the UFO shapes cutter, added eyes and swirl mouth, put the leaf picks on the top. Whoalah ... easy right? I also made some tiny flowers but the pink color is too soft. I hope you can still see them in between the pink plants. If you see the green swirl in my tamagoyaki, that was because I put scallions. So no special trick needed. It was just a coincidence when I cut it, came out like that :) 
Inside the box : rice, tamagoyaki, braised chicken in coconut milk, stir fry chayote with red chili and wood ear mushroom.

Some new bento books have been published. I haven't got the copy yet because they are not available yet at Kinokuniya bookstore here. But I have put those bento books in my wish list. I put the links here, so if you are interested you can order them. They are in Japanese though.
(1) Maki Ogawa | Check it here and here.
(2) Akinoichigo | Check it here.


Aaw, these are so cute! They look like squishy and friendly little aliens! And your tamagoyaki is beautiful as usual, Lia! ^^

they are too sweet aliens, Lia...:D Love the pink color..
Yeah, saw the books in their web earlier..hmmmm..made me wanting the books..:)

@AikoVenus : Thanks a lot Shin! It was fun to use cutter and food picks to make a character for bento. Save me a lot of time :)

So cute!

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! I'm planning for my Tokyo trip next month, better to pick them up there. If you want some copies please let me know me ok? I will get them for you :)

@prince n princess mum : Thank you!

that's so creative!
reminds me of the game zombie vs plants..haha.

Cute as always. The little pink flowers may be slightly less visible on top of the rice but it add to their delicacy. And cool effect of the scallion !

@Bobo : Thanks dear! My kids love to play that game on the iPad. Should we make zombie plants next time? hehehe :D

Beautiful as usual! Really love your bento creations!! I want to know how to make the braised chicken in coconut milk.

Thanks for the announcement of my new book!!!

@Ingrid : Thanks a lot Ingrid! Now I love to put something in my tamagoyaki. Kids seemed to like it too :)

@sundae : Thanks a lot Maki! I am so happy to see your comment here. Hopefully I can get your signature when I am in Tokyo on March / April hehehe ...
BTW, I'm going to post the recipe for the braised chicken in coconut milk very soon on My Bloglicious :)

That is such a creative idea, and so pretty :) I love the little swirls, too cute! Be sure to share lots of pictures when you go to Japan!!

Gorgeous and so creatively cute! Each new bento you make brings sighs of wonder and delight, Lia. Truly brightened my morning, thank you :)

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather for your sweet comment! Sure will share some pictures via Twitter later :)

@Bentobird : I'm happy if my bento can brighten your morning Jenn :) Thanks for always give me a very encouraging comment! Very appreciate that (^.^)

When I first saw your bento with those sweet creatures I immediately thought about pokemons!! Gosh, maybe I play too much video games. :P
I loved the idea, they are so tiny cute ^_^!
Oh yum, coconut braised chicken sounds too good! ;)

These are so cute, Lia, they look like little tulips!

@karaimame : My kids will love to play the Pokemon game with you. They are the fans. I remember there are lot of pink characters in Pokemon. I couldn't recall their names, should open kids' Pokemon Dictionary lol ...
Thanks a lot Lilian! I will share the chicken recipe later if I'm making it again (^.^)

@Shannon : Thanks a lot Shannon!

Lia Chen lil pinkish flowers are just too cute! Love them!

Hmm, okay, now they are reminding me of the ghosties of Pac-Man...
but actually when I first saw them I thought they would be lovely tulips in that perfectly pink color! I'll have to remember the creative uses you've made when I dig out my UFO cutter!

too cute for words!!

@Elizabeth Wong : Thanks a lot Elizabeth!

@sheri fujihara chen : That was exactly what friend on Instagram said too, Pac-Man! Many interpretations for these 'pink plants' and I'm glad hehehe ... Thanks a lot Sheri for your kind words! (^.^)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy!

it looks like a dream, soooo cute and delicious

Your tamagoyaki always looks so pretty! I especially like the wavy texture of the tamagoyaki - I need to learn from you on how to make it :)!!

@melonpan : Thanks a lot!

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Sin! You are too humble. I'm sure you will be just fine to make your tamagoyaki :)

How cute!! And your blog is so pretty.

@Jennifer : Thanks a lot Jennifer for your kind comment!

cute bento as always! wish to have the books also sold here soon.

OMG....I spent all of yesterday reading through your blog. You make some of the cutest bentos I've seen!! I used to make Bentos for my daughter a few years ago and I want to get back into it. You have definitely inspired me:) She was looking through your blog with me and is even now interested in trying new foods thanks to some of your beautiful ideas (a big THANK YOU) she wants me to blog about her bentos too....that I'll have to think about LOL!

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot Fang! I hope they are available soon too here :)

@Debra : Thanks a lot Debra! Very appreciate it! I think you should go and blog about your bento. Please let me know if you start your own blog. It will be fun to have one more bento friend through blogging (^.^)

woww very cute! :D

love it!