Bentolicious #239
Sleepy Friends Bento

I played with my cutters collection once again to create today's sleepy friends bento. It was fun to make these sleepy fellows because I didn't need to use X-Acto knife to cut out the shapes that I wanted. Plus in a busy week like this, I'm really not into the mood of making something with a lot of details for my kids' bento. Added the lace baran and Korilakkuma picks, it is just the easiest way to do. BTW, I love those silicone lace baran. I haven't used those for a while. They are totally safe to use for your bento.

Kids have been busy too since last week with their school project, homework and everything. Especially Big A. She even has to join the trial-out national exams every Saturday at school from 8-11AM. It started 2 weeks ago and will continue until the end of April. This is something that we can't avoid because the trial out is compulsory for all students in Grade 6. And I couldn't believe that the teachers kept giving different projects for them to do in groups or individual. Oh yeah! I'm the one who are pulling my hair right now and I don't even go to school anymore *faint*. I hope Big A doesn't get stress out too much. I'm worried, she has been unorganized lately. Too many things to do in so little times, that what I feel.

Inside the box : rice, braised five spice chicken & egg, cherry tomato, and stir fry veggies & enoki mushroom.


Oh, this looks delicious! I love 5 spice flavor; should really try it with my kids too. Your sleepy friends look perfect holding their little Rilakkuma plushies and ready for bed! I am not looking forward to more and more work as the kids get older. Why do they give so much?! I wonder if it was this hard for us when we were kids? Can't really remember anymore now... But don't worry too much. Big A has been so vigilant with her school work that if it's wearing on her, I'm sure she's by far from the only one. Hopefully all the kids will try their best and the teachers will see it's better to assign less work and get better results. That's how I feel, anyway. Hope you are doing well too Lia!

your bento still looks great even you are not in mood..
yes, i feel that too.. the kids are very stressed out nowadays, especially in Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
I really hope my boy will not feel stress facing the heavy homework, projects and tutions when he starts Primary School.

@sheri fujihara chen : Me too! My mom gave me so many five spice powder that her friend sent from our hometown. I think it will be enough for 1 year stock LOL :D I love to put sweet soya sauce along with 5 spice powder. They are so good together!
I almost make a complaint to the home teacher because the school promised that Grade 6 students won't get too much projects in 2nd semester so they can concentrate for final exam. I didn't see it that way. I see more and more works for them. Anyway, thanks a lot Sheri for your comforting words! I'm trying my best to support Big A :)

@Bobo : Thanks Florence! First, I thought it was good for kids so they are used to 'busy life', good way to educate them to be a hard worker from young age. Not so sure now hehehe ...

As always, delighted by your amazing talent and sweet creativity, Lia! Sending good thoughts and support to Big A.!

@Bentobird : Aww thanks a lot Jenn! *big hug*

Your sleepy friends look really sleepy hehehehe...
Sending my prayers to big A ...and cheering: go girl.. you can do this...!

They are simple but still super adorable...:)!! Don't get stressed out and you should stop pulling your hair ;), I am sure Big A will be doing fine as she has always been. I think schools nowadays do expect more from children - at least the curriculum set by the government does dictate so...

Haha, really love their sleepy expression :D. And the sidedishes look very yummy too :D~~~~~~~

All of that hard work will be worth it in the end. They're such great kids I know they'll do wonderfully. The sleepy friends are making me want to go take a nap now. :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen for your faith in us hehehe ... (^.^)

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Sin! I really should stop before I get 'bald' LOL ...

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Hope this bento doesn't make you sleepy too :D

@Ohayo Bento : Thanks a lot Heather! You just woke up and I already made you want to sleep again, my bad hahaha :D

totally delightful bento.!

@wyowoman : Thanks a lot Kristin!

cute sleepy expression & yummy meals as always. Hey, Lia should not be too worried, she can cope with it for sure.

what a lovely bento, soooooo cute

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot Fang! Can't help it but will try not too worry :)

@melonpan : Thanks a lot dear!

these sleepy friends are so cute, love how they are holding their little stuffed bears and being tucked in beneath pretty lacy coverlets. have also been enjoying how you do two of the same scene in different colors with matching accessories! as usual the food in the lower section looks *delicious* too!

@megan : It was fun to make 2 different colors. So the kids got the same character but not exactly the same hehehe ... Thanks a lot Megan! (^.^)

OMG OMG OMG!! those sleepy friends are too cute!! you always full of ideas and inspiration ^__^ love it!!

@Lina Gladman : Thank you Lin! Try as much as I can to make my own characters for the kids bento :)