Bentolicious #241
Happy Friends Bento

Last week, it had rained a lot and strangely this week the weather becomes very hot. I cannot tell now whether we are in the rainy season or dry season. I think the weather just went crazy lately. Today's bento for the kids was made pretty quick. I used deco furi to color the rice, but you can use tomato sauce if you don't have deco furi. I used carrot, nori, jelly ball, and egg white plus food pick to make the other parts. I can say that the characters were made less than 15 minutes. No request from the kids for a specific characters this time, so I chose the simple one to do. Hope this can still bring a smile to their faces.

I received a few emails from working moms, saying that they were interested to make charaben bento for their kids but did not have much time to do it because they had to go to the office in the morning. So this bento probably will be a good example with a simple and a quick to-do character. You don't need to spend hours to prepare this bento for sure.
Inside the box : rice, veggies rolled with thin slices beef and cooked with teriyaki sauce, tamagoyaki, and mini tofu puffs topped with fried chili and shallot.


hi Lia...being busy lately? It is rather unusual that your post within this hour...I have been waiting for it...haha! Well, what else can I say about your bento..always look wonderful. No wonder many people ask if you spend many times in creating them... :D

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Hi Yen! Yes, I have been busy today and the kids have a tight schedule too. Just got home and have time to publish this post. Believe me, once you get into the bento routines and planning at least one day ahead then you don't need to spend so much time to prepare the bento ;)

Love this quick and simple charaben bento~ You are really good in making bento :)

@Ellena : Thanks a lot Ellena! You are one of the talented moms that I know. Always hungry to read your blog :)

I love your speedy charaben because they're the only ones I can imagine being able to manage! Looks wonderful Lia :D

Lia once again you made a cute bento and so easy! Now you just need to share your recipes for the wonderful food in the other box Yummy!

Same here!! *sigh* one day is sunny and the next day is snowing :( then sunny again, but I think this winter is definitely much easier than last year.
Cute bento as always ^__^

Lia, very very cute! And super fast. What caught my eye though was the tofu puffs with fried chilli and shallot. It looks sooooo good! Want some now.

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Speedy is fun ;)
BTW, I want to apologize that I couldn't publish your comment for Bentolicious #240. I don't know what happened, I got the email notification that I had some new comments but they didn't show up on my dashboard. Some comments disappeared but only for Bentolicious #240. Tried to contact blogger but no reply until now *sad*

@Big Momma : Thanks a lot for your kind comment! My kids are getting bigger now. Somehow I got this feeling that I will have to change my bento style soon. Probably they won't need cute bento anymore. Until then, I will try to post as many as I can to share it will all of you :)

@Lina Gladman : Thanks a lot Lin! Glad to know that not only here the weather gone crazy hehehe ... Hang on there, spring is coming soon for you :)

@ChantaleP : Thanks Chantale! Wish I can just ring a bell and deliver those tofu puffs to you. Kids said that they love the mini tofu puffs too! Usually I made the big block puffs at home. Just figure it out that the kids don't like it before just because of the size. Where am I all this time? LOL ... I tried to get Little A into the spicy foods. I'm still using big chilli though but good start for him :)

Love Love Love this deligtful bento! Thanks so much for the smile it brought on a busy day Lia. You are an artist of kawaii!


This is just adorable - and looks DELICIOUS, too!

salam kenal mbak lia....
aku suka bento buatanmu...sgt menginspirasiii... seneng yaaah kalo anak2 sehat dan jadi mau makan. boleh dong aku tau trik2nya mbak....misal kalau buat bentuk2 dari egg sheet kan mbak lia g selalu pakai cutter vege, soalnya bentuknya sgt customize... kalo boleh tau gimana ya mbak buatnya? apa perlu buat pola dulu atau gimana.... sharing ya mbaaaakk.... :-). makasih byk... dan tetap selalu menginspirasi ya mbak :-)

I love your simple charabens, I am trying to make my bentos simpler too due to a lack of time. The sides look delicious, I'd love to see some of the recipes one day :).

@Bentobird : I always happy to read your sweet comment. Thanks for being such a encouraging bento friend all this time Jenn!

@prince n princess mum : Thank you dear!

@The Princess and the Tot : Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

@dani ika : Thank you untuk comment-nya! Untuk bentuk character dengan bahan egg sheet, kalau yg sederhana tidak perlu menggunakan pola. Hanya menggunakan cutter sesuai dengan bentuk yg kita mau. Bila membuat character yg specific atau agak rumit, pola diperlukan dan pemotongan menggunakan X-Acto knife supaya bisa lebih rapi. Semoga ini menjawab pertanyaannya :)

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks Sin! Simple bento for the busy day just the winner hehehe ... :D

hii..lia, greetings from me ika :)
love your bento.. and this one is simple but very cute.. like it!

Apa Kabar?
I LOVE your bentos, they are super cute and yummy:)

@Ika : Thanks a lot Ika! Glad that you like it :)

@Rina : Hi Rina! Kabar baik. Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

Super cute Lia! Hope you and your family are doing well! :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! Miss you a lot ... We are doing well here. Hope you and your family too :)

Hi Lia, I always love your cute bentos and even the simple ones are stunning! It is helpful to use who have so much to do in the mornings before work. I have to make an effort even without charaben in the bento!

You are really pro in Bento! I love all your bento (like fine art!) Really wish I stay near you so that you can be my "Si Fu" (teacher). Can I have your e-mail, need some advise from you.
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Hi, I'm your newest follower. Found your blog via Google.I love looking at your cute food creations here. I'm sure your Kids enjoys the meals.


I read the profile 'Not an expert in cooking' tapi hasil masakannya selalu bagus ih, lapar mata kalau berkunjung ke sini :D

How have you been Lia, I know you haven been I don't see you in IG that much. Can't wait for your next creation thou'

love your blog ! i'm shocking

i love the quality of the pictures

you are welcome in my blog !

kisses from belguim

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Sangat cantik ..
Sayang deh makannya juga

I realy love your blog ! It inspires me particularly and I feel we love the same things. Good luck for this blog. I follow you.

Just stumbled upon your blog and already I'm in love. Inspirational! Thanks for sharing.