Bentolicious #047
Today's bento was prepared for school event called 'sharing with your friends'. The kids were asked to bring healthy snacks and share it with their classmates. And each kids will just have to bring 2 portions of snack for this event. My kids got this large Pooh bento box from my sister. My girl got the pink one and my boy got the blue one but with the same picture included the bag. So I thought it will be perfect to use this box. No cooking for this bento. I just threw in some fruits ; tiny oranges, strawberries, grapes, star fruits. And put some Indonesian traditional cakes. I want to introduce our traditional cakes as many of you will not familiar with them :

* The smiley yellow one (which I added nori on the top) is called 'Bika Ambon'. This cake have a fascinating form of small holes in the surface and if the cake is cut, the texture appeared as a fine fiber bars. Taste is very delicious with aroma of fresh lemon leaves.
* Sticky rice with chicken meat filling and wrapped in thin slice of egg sheet is called 'Semer Mendem'.
* Sweet rice pudding with pearl sago and corns is called 'Tako'. This is similar to Thailand's traditional cake too. Maybe because Indonesia and Thailand are both in South East Asia, so some of the traditional cakes are similar.
* Green flower cakes is called 'Putu Ayu'.

I didn't make these traditional cakes by myself. I just went to the cake shop early in this morning and made a quick arrangement in the box.


I like it! I love pink! The bento box is very unique in design. Thank you for sharing information about Indonesian traditions. I am fascinated with different cultures and customs so I love learn more.

Oh my gosh, those are sooooo cute! You decorated and arranged them so beautifully. So cute that they have a share with your friend day.

Wow, Lia, this bento is perfect! You found just the right size and shape cakes for the sections too! Soo pretty, and such a wonderful idea to share with classmates. Beautiful and fresh, they look so delicious, the rice pudding especially :)

@hapabento : You are the first today hehehe ... Thanks a lot Debra! Happy to share a little bit of Indonesian traditions :)

@susanyuen : Thanks a lot Susan! Hope the kids have fun with this sharing things :)

@sherimiya : I was just like stood in the cake shop for a while and then decided which cakes to pick hahaha ... Truly, I was thinking of your colorful bento. I will have a better bento if you are the one who arrange it ;)

the cakes are beautiful - i really enjoyed learning about these traditional foods that are totally new to me. and your arrangement with the fruits is just perfect! what a treat for your girl to bring to class with her :-)

When I first looked at the bento, I was wondering can your kids finish such a big bento (^_^). The flower cake fit nicely in the whole, u measure the cake before buying them? Hehehehehe.....

Not visiting your blog *though only* for a few days definitely makes me miss some of your great posts Mbak Lia, sob sob. Btw, it's the cutest Indonesian traditional snacks bento I've ever seen d(^o^)b, tob markotop deh hehehe. Oya Mbak, Daisho Artha Gading ntu gak melayani online shopping kah? Katanya murah2 ya? Hiks, kapan ya bisa ke Jakarta???? Mbak Lia sering ksn? Saran buat Daisho untuk bikin website buat jualan online donk mbak... hehehehe. Gua mau deh dgn sukarela pasang iklan di blog kalo Daishonya mau hehe. Kasian nih yang kayak aku gini n yg jauh2 hehe, tolong bilang kalo bento lovers skrg beranak pinak, prospeknya bagus, hehe kata temen sekelasq yg dr Malaysia kalo mau beli barang yg d MY juga mahal, hiks gmn duwonk...

Ya ya ya ya, titip kirim saran ya mbak... boleh kan boleh dong... Mbak Lia kan baik :D ihihihihi

woah... You are awesome! Extrem cute obento! <3 thx for all the infos about indonesian food, too! sounds delicious! I especially lofe how you decorated the mini-oranges! :3

I think it's great, that they have such a sharing day at school. I thing to share something is a great experience. And with such a great bento, I am sure there are no problems to find a sharing partner ;)

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! We have a lot of traditional cakes and foods. Each region has their unique dishes :)

@Vanessa : I know the box is such a big box. Only an event like this then I can use this box. I have this habit to decide which box I will use for the bento and then thinking what will I fill in. So you are right ... I do measure the diameter with my pointer finger hahahaha :D Silly me.

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! We can't make an online order at Daiso. I don't think they will make this available. Do you need something from there? I can send it to you Ta, just let me know via e-mail okay :)

@Token : Thanks a lot! Mini oranges is great in bento, isn't it? Because they are tiny so easy to fit in the box :)

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! I love the school have this event too. So the kids learn not to be selfish :)

I agree with everybody else : the introductionof a "sharing" with friends day, is such a great idea and with a great looking snack bento like this one, I'm sure they will be standing in line to have a share of it :o)

As I love baking all kind of sweets, I was particularly interested in the traditional cakes you presented. The flower one looks wonderful, but I'm very intrigued by the 'Bika Ambon'. I found a recipe online, and if I can find some of the special ingredients, I just might try it :o)

@Ceinwyn : Thanks a lot Ceinwyn! The Bika Ambon is very hard to make. Maybe because I'm not too adventurous in baking cake so I gave up after tried to make one myself long long time ago. And deciced to buy from the expert hehehehe :)

Great box. The cakes looks really neat and tasty. I really like the idea of a sharing day.

Aw aw aw aw aw aw.... *nangis dulu --> terharu*. Senangnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *sekarang senyam senyum, bahagia*. Thanks a lot lot lot lot lot Mbak Lia, I'm so blessed to have a super kind friend *just* like you! :D. Hihihi, aku cari gambarnya dulu yaaa ehehehe, seneng abis nih sambil nari gurita :D

@Angi : Thanks a lot Angi!

@tatabonita : Ntar kasih tahu aja Ta, tapi di Daiso itemnya terbatas yah! Kirimin aja gambarnya ntar aku cariin :)

It's so pretty! I love the layout of the box. Sharing with a friend sounds like a really fun thing for the kids!

Thank you for telling us about the Indonesian cakes, they are so pretty and sound delicious!

Such a magical, BEAUTIFUL bento, Lia! I loved reading about traditional Indonesian cakes and adore how you gave them your own sweet and happy decorations!

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn!

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn for your sweet comment :)

Wow... So nice and lovely bento!Now I'm seeing your bento using "Wii" instead of computer. So I can't read your pretty blue writing well, but can see the bento picture well. I will read the writing when I come here with a new PC next time :D

@babyskin : Thanks a lot Izumi! You make your Wii useful for browsing too, nice hehehe ... I hope you get your new PC already, can't wait to see your post again :)

how sweet is this!! like your arrangement, well done.

@javapot : Thanks a lot Javapot!

WAH! i attracted by that Indonesia Traditional Cake.

ur bento really creative & yummy.

i love it.

@Michelle : Thanks a lot Michelle for your kind words :)

I'm so intrigued by the cakes, thanks for sharing. I worked as a waitress in two different Thai restaurants, and I'm trying to recall if I ever ate something similar to the Tako. hmmm..

Dear Bentolicious, you have a very playful site, energized and the colors made me feel happy. OMG! Incredible presentation. Loved your site, very professional. Photos were crisp and clear. Recipes concise and easy to read. I shall be back for a bite of more.
Thank you for sharing.
Cheers, Gaby
You can visit me at

@Rachel Yukiko Perez : Thanks a lot Rachel! In Thai Resto usually available for dessert with the pandan leaf cup ;)

@pTsaldari : Thanks a lot Gaby for visiting my blog and leave your nice comment :) I will hope to your blog.

Love your bento arrangement, so nice.. your kid's classmate who can share the snack is so lucky.. ^^

Wow, I'm sure the one who gets to share with your kids will be jumping up and down in excitement! I'll be dying to have that bento! :)

Wow, I'm sure the one who gets to share with your kids will be jumping up and down in excitement! I'll be dying to have that bento! :)

OMG Lia ... you make me feel so homesick right now ^.^ I miss all those mouth watering traditional Indonesian snacks.

@Rachel Hei : Thanks Rachel! Luckily the box came home empty hehehe ... :)

@Kids Dream Work : Hahaha ... will not that serious lah! Thanks for your comment :)

@Just a MOM : Hi Lina! How are you? It has been a while ... I thought you were back to Indonesia on December. Anyway nice to see your comment again :) Thanks a lot!

Looking at the bento, how I wish I'm the one got shared it with ur kids in school :p U made the bento so pretty, very very creative!

Aiya! I'm late today...all polished up already? Anyway the beautiful pictures are good to look at ;DD

@kel : Thanks a lot Kel!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Anncoo!

Great, you made me drool. Semar mendem oh semar mendem, I haven't eat that for ages.

@Indonesia-Eats : Hayo! When you will back to Indonesia?

share with mee pleaazee... hihihi! adorablee li!

@Gina : Of course I will dear :)