Bentolicious #014
This bento was made yesterday morning. I couldn't upload it because the internet connection was very slow. I had try several times complaining about this matter to the internet service provider but nothing improved. It seems sometimes I can get fast connection and sometimes nobody knows what happened.

Anyway, for the bento I made two rice balls decorated with nori. I put two flowers ham (one big and one small) on the top of each rice ball and used my new panda food picks as an ornament. I put a boiled chicken egg that molded with my egg mold into a square shape picturing of 2 little ducks. The meat was 'beef rendang', left over from dinner. And the veggies were carrots & snack beans that I tied with dried Tuberose Flower a.k.a the Queen of the Night or Scent of the Night. I often put this dried Tuberose Flower (we called it Bunga Sedap Malam in Indonesia) into the chicken soup. They are yummy to eat :o)


Seperti biasa, bentonya mbak Lia selalu sedap dipandang..

@wani : thanks Wan ... kadang susah di warnanya kalo pas kulkas lagi seret stock sayurnya hehehe :o)

I never knew ye lai siang can be eaten and taste good :D
Nice bento as always, and those pandas are too cute, I really want to buy them, but somehow I opted not to, and I really want to buy them again after I saw yours :D

@mymealbox : yes it can be eaten ... just soak it in the warm water for about 1 minute before you use it. I love to collect the cute food picks for my bento ;o)

Oh no!!! This is so cute!!!!!

@Cuisine Paradise : thanks Ellena :o)

uwa... walo makanan rendangnya sisa dinner kemarin, zuna juga tetep maw bentonya XD

@zunaryuhaimeev : hehehe ... Zun, ng tahu kenapa kalo rendang itu diinepin malah makin enak :o)

Bento on your blog looks awesome. your blog is mouthwatering. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)

@Beth : thanks a lot Beth ... :o)

Mbak Liaaaaa... itu food picks pandanya aku kemaren2 liat dimana ya lupa, trus pengen tanya Mbak Lia kira2 ada gak dijual di Indo. Dan sekarang malah nampang dibentonya Mbak Liaa... Huwaaaaaaaa beli dimana??? Hiks2. Pengeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn :'(

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