Bentolicious #200
I shaped 2 bears from white bread and stuffed them with chicken floss inside for today's snack bento. The box was just filled with some fruits (strawberry, golden kiwi, orange) that we had to finish today. We are still in dry season ... it's a hot day today. I drove the kids to school this morning and the sun was so bright making the driving uncomfortable. How about you? Are you enjoying the weather wherever you live right now? Little A is a bit fuzzy when it comes to fruit. He will only eat some of his favorite fruits. I'm trying to buy different fruits every 2 or 3 days just to get him to try other fruits too. As my 2nd Blog Anniversary will be on July, 23 and I don't usually blog on Saturday, so tomorrow I will post the giveaways. All you need to do is just put your comment, any comment is fine then I will draw 2 winners for the giveaways. Until then, stay safe and have a great day all!


Cheeky bears..:) is that a white lace baran? or a napkin? looks pretty..

wow! how did you mould bread into bears? U never fail to impress me! Please teach me, cikgu! :D And happy be-early anniversary!

Ah, you come so fast hehehe. Another great idea of cute sammies :D. Can't wait to see the giveaways but I have to wait it until Monday since started from tomorrow 'til Sunday I have to join an outbound with all my workmates :D

You're so creative! And this bento Bear really Kawaii^^ I love seeing your photos, and learning your method in making bento!

Happy 2nd Anniversary on 23rd! Hope the adventures in bento making keep rolling! :D

I have to say, the weather here in Australia is terrible too. It's cold and rainy ><

Oh, you are back! I nearly missed it...congrats to #200, looks so cute ;)

I´ll be back for the birthday party!

Congrats on your 200th post and your 2nd year anniversary Lia!

They’re so neat & adorable too. Congrats on the 200th bento post!

@Bobo : Thanks a lot dear! The white paper in front is actually paper doilies. Use that for a prop to take picture. I used that too for doughnuts bento yesterday ;)

@Xelia : I learned that from bento books. Probably I should take step-by-step pictures next time to share it with all of you :)

@tatabonita : Have fun Ta! I know you will. And thanks a lot for your kind comment! :)

Very nice bear.......looks yummy.

Sure will dropby ur blog again 2molo for the giveaway..

@yovita.adj : Thanks a lot Yovita for your lovely comment here! Happy can share something from this blog :)

@Lil : Thanks a lot Lil! Hope the weather will turn out good on the weekend so we can enjoy it :)

@Amaaris : Thanks a lot!

@shaz : Thanks a lot Shaz!

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot!

@MeRy : Thanks a lot Mery!

So tender and sweet, pretty and subtle colors here, too! Thanks as always for the beautiful inspiring bentos you create, Lia!

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn for your very encouraging comment as always! (^.^)

Cute bears indeed! I am a newbie to Bento and found your blog very interesting and have been coming back often for ideas and tips. Thank you for sharing.

Stuffed the bread by wrapping with plastic wrap? So soft and fluffy, like a real bear. Love it!
Our weather is finally getting getting warmer, like in the 80s, and I'm so happy about it! Really look forward to feeling hot for a change.

dear Lia Chen, I love all your bentos! I ve just started my bentoing journey months ago, it was absolutely great experience!Today i ve packed 26simple bentos for kindy, for my daughter s 5th birthday~ its my very 1st time packing so many bentos for children~ cant wait to share with you here this great experience!

@Audrey de Mama : Thanks a lot for dropping by! Hope you can start posting your bento in your blog very soon :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Yes Sheri. I wish I have your great bao craving skill so can use bao also next time for snack bento. Hope we have a good weather on the weekend and thanks a lot for your lovely comment as always :)

@Elizabeth Wong : Thanks a lot Elizabeth! Wow ... You prepared a lot of bento for your daughter's birthday. I believe all of them were packed nicely. Let me know if you post the picture somewhere later :)

The bears are adorable!
It will be another year already for your blog? time really flies away. Congrats, Lia... your blog always be my inspiration.

wow...this is a cute lil bear. and i can't hardly wait for your giveaways

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! Really appreciate all of your kind and supportive comments throughout the year :)

@Oen Priyanto : Thanks a lot Oen! I just posted the giveaways, please check it :)

Congratulation! Wow 2 years! Keep the ideas coming, u inspire lots!
Mummy Deary, Kathryn, Singapore

Hi Lia, may i know how u did the bear mouth(the brown color area, that is not cheese rite>)

Cuteeee ;o
Plus I love that drink at the end!
Those are just yummy!

@Kathryn Sow : Thanks a lot Kathryn! Very appreciate it :)

@Elizabeth Wong : I used egg sheet made from egg yolk & soy sauce :)

@Czarina : Thanks a lot Czarina!

thanks lia chen, i just see them at ur tips page lastnite too...thanks o

{comment}Joytjej, Netherlands,{comment}

Wow what a great giveaway. Ik love to enter, I read your posts all the time, but i do not react so much. But would love to win some bento stuff. Also in Netherlands hard te get :(

Lia chen, how do u shape the bear ball?what is the ingredience?